Definition of spiffy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspifē/ /ˈspɪfi/

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adjectivespiffier, spiffiest

informal North American
  • Smart in appearance.

    • ‘a spiffy new outfit’
    • ‘They also raved about the spiffy appearance and the virtually indestructible treads.’
    • ‘Today my outfit was pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.’
    • ‘Billy was a junior Ranger, dressed in the dark, blue, gold-stripped spiffy uniform of his outfit.’
    • ‘The moment they entered the restaurant in their spiffy new outfits, Evelyn regretted coming here.’
    • ‘He glanced down the hall and spotted Lena talking to Izzy, who was also adorned, in a spiffy outfit.’
    • ‘I'm just reading between the lines, but he looked pretty sprightly and pretty spiffy there, you know, at 91.’
    • ‘I even have on a spiffy suit thing to completely dress the part.’
    • ‘‘You look spiffy tonight, Matt,’ I teased him as he ignored Madison's request to wait and joined us in the bathroom.’
    • ‘Being one of my company's IT representatives, it would have been my unsavory duty to tell Elizabeth that her spiffy new phone was not permitted on company premises.’
    • ‘The latter were suspicious at first, but eventually, the mentor positions (with spiffy shirts and caps) came to be seen as prestigious.’
    • ‘‘So you look all spiffy today,’ she said noticing his black suit complimented with a burgundy shirt and matching tie.’
    • ‘He also wears this spiffy reddish business-guy suit.’
    • ‘The original personnel manager is long gone, and it's now a rather spiffy young woman who congratulates him on becoming the treasurer and then later vice president.’
    • ‘He was dressed up and spiffy like he was on a date.’
    • ‘They look spiffy and serve practical purposes.’
    • ‘Shawn sauntered into the kitchen from the front door, carrying his guitar case again and looking spiffy in dark blue jeans and a white button down shirt.’
    • ‘Like five-pin bowling, lawn bowlers have to wear spiffy flat-soled shoes so they don't trample the one-eighth inch grass too badly.’
    • ‘The shop has the occasional spiffy tie, and a decent shirt from time to time.’
    • ‘Nate was chosen to go because he had a spiffy new bike.’
    • ‘Ming has moved into a spiffy apartment with his fiancée who is a writer, working on a novel whose leading character suffers from multiple-personality disorder.’
    smart, stylish, chic, glamorous, elegant, classy, high-class, high-toned
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Mid 19th century of unknown origin.