Definition of spigot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈspiɡət/ /ˈspɪɡət/


  • 1A small peg or plug, especially for insertion into the vent of a cask.

    • ‘The spigot stem had an annular cutting edge to cut a cylindrical plug out of the bung or stopper by twisting the spigot.’
    • ‘In most of the designs, the tool is rotated to cut the hole and insert the spigot into the barrel in a single operation.’
    • ‘When a doctor suggests implanting a ‘shunt’ to ease future operations, the patient is reluctant to have a spigot installed in his head.’
    • ‘You see, there is more to a pub or a bar than what is poured out of a bottle or a beer spigot.’
    • ‘Finally, I found some hand-blown bubbled-glass feeders from Mexico, with elegant red glass flowers as the spigots for the hummers' beaks.’
    • ‘Each household is encouraged to use a new redesigned clay water pot with a narrow opening, lid and spigot that reduce the risk of recontamination.’
    • ‘His invention serves a variety of uses, one of which is as a self-boring barrel spigot.’
    • ‘This article discusses twenty-four inventions for self-boring barrel spigots that I found in the U.S. Patent and Trade Office patent database.’
    • ‘I have located two additional self-boring barrel spigots since my article was published in September 2001.’
    stopper, stop, plug, bung, peg, spigot, spile, seal
  • 2US A faucet.

    • ‘And how confident are you that at this point that spigot, as you have characterized it, has been shut off?’
    • ‘The cart, disguised as a kerosene peddler's wagon, was suspicious because it had no spigot to dispense fuel.’
    • ‘The government could certainly go to employers and enact stiff penalties and cut that spigot off.’
    • ‘Our society is very dependent on fossil fuels, and you don't turn that spigot off overnight.’
    • ‘Turning off the Chinese credit spigot, therefore, is certainly not desirable - at least not until after November 4th.’
    • ‘State spending surged 17.4%, but the bull market-induced revenue spigot ran dry.’
    • ‘The five-pound bags are packed by hand and the 250-pound bags are filled by pump or spigot and packed in plastic tubs.’
    • ‘The children, ever resilient, laughed and drank deeply from the truck's spigot.’
    • ‘In the base of each is a drain, and below that a common coffee urn spigot.’
    • ‘But David hooked up a hose to his air conditioner spigot and ran the water out to his garden.’
    • ‘So there is no magic spigot that can be turned on whenever we need more oil.’
    • ‘The time before that, they left the water cooler spigot turned on and flooded the waiting room.’
    • ‘You add the cream, then the ice, and then iced coffee from the iced coffee spigot.’
    • ‘He cannot stop the fountain's spigot from running.’
    • ‘The hose and spigot are not within the lockable area.’
    • ‘Control over the world's oil spigot is one way to achieve this.’
    • ‘But even this was not enough, and now this liquidity spigot is running dry.’
    • ‘The global liquidity spigot is wide open and an increasing number of economies are beneficiaries.’
    valve, spout, stopcock, cock, spile
    1. 2.1A device for controlling the flow of liquid in a faucet.
      • ‘The liquid entrance to the spigot is placed well back on the shaft.’
      • ‘Finally, most of the water is stripped off the surface when the thread leaves the exit spigot, helping the spider to avoid water loss and making its thread even tougher.’
      • ‘Better-engineered spigots prevent air from entering the bag when you fill your glass - the bag deflates like a balloon - so the wine stays fresh.’
      • ‘Remove the faucet handles, escutcheons, shower heads, and spigots.’
  • 3The plain end of a section of a pipe fitting into the socket of the next one.

    • ‘I have done some plumbing, replacing outdoor spigots and sweating them back together.’
    • ‘Hank had hooked up some hoses together using a spigot on the far side of the barn.’
    • ‘But in colder parts of the country, unless you have frost-proof spigots, you'll still need to drain the pipes to prevent them from freezing over the winter.’
    • ‘He ran a 1/2-inch-diameter feeder line from a spigot outside his house to the closest gutter downspout.’


Middle English perhaps an alteration of Provençal espigou(n), from Latin spiculum, diminutive of spicum, variant of spica (see spica).



/ˈspiɡət/ /ˈspɪɡət/