Definition of spile in English:


Pronunciation /spīl/ /spaɪl/


  • 1A small wooden peg or spigot for stopping a cask.

    ‘Before beginning, sterilize both the spile and the jug with boiling water.’
    stopper, stop, plug, bung, peg, spigot, spile, seal
    1. 1.1North American A small wooden or metal spout for tapping the sap from a sugar maple.
      nozzle, head, spray, rose, atomizer, sprinkler, sprinkler head, spout, nose
  • 2A large, heavy timber driven into the ground to support a superstructure.

    ‘Into this hole, tap in the spile with a wooden mallet.’

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Broach (a cask) with a peg in order to draw off liquid.

    ‘Well, firstly I'm still adamant that you can't beat a pint of cask-conditioned ale, properly tapped and spiled, at the peak of perfection.’


Early 16th century from Middle Dutch, Middle Low German, ‘wooden peg’; in spile (sense 2 of the noun) apparently an alteration of pile.



/spīl/ /spaɪl/