Definition of spill one's guts in English:

spill one's guts

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  • Reveal copious information to someone in an uninhibited way.

    • ‘She spills her guts and begs him not to tell Izzy.’
    • ‘There's something inherently unglamorous about someone sitting in front of a screen, spilling their guts.’
    • ‘But spilling my guts on an Internet blog diary everyday is not something that I'm into.’
    • ‘Stephenson sat on the sink in his dressing-room while he spilled his guts about his marriage problems.’
    • ‘There's something about the Internet that encourages us to spill our guts, often in rather outrageous ways.’
    • ‘I was horrifically guilt-stricken and tempted to call his wife and spill my guts but I never did.’
    • ‘I can rant or cry or laugh or be stupid or spill my guts, and she understands.’
    • ‘If she feels the urge to spill her guts again, recommend that she speak to one of her friends instead.’
    • ‘Well, it's not like he spills his guts to me or anything.’
    • ‘If you don't wind up spilling your guts, at least sound her out on the possibility of visiting her.’