Definition of spill over in English:

spill over

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phrasal verb

  • (of a bad situation or strong emotion) reach a point at which it can no longer be controlled or contained.

    ‘years of frustration spilled over into violence’
    • ‘Video footage of her killing has made her into a symbol of the struggle for democracy, which this year spilt over into violence.’
    • ‘Most news media have conducted a blackout of the attacks, which some said have spilled over into the streets.’
    • ‘Their enthusiasm spilled over the footlights, enthusiasm always does.’
    • ‘This new form of storytelling has even spilled over into journalism.’
    • ‘In addition, the aftermath of episodes of bullying may spill over to affect other service users in the ward community.’
    • ‘The benefits achieved in pensions efficiency are spilling over into other areas, notably the much maligned endowment.’
    • ‘This conviction spilled over into all areas of life.’
    • ‘Anger spilled over at the Scouts Association's annual general meeting last week concerning a proposed rise in annual fees over the next two years.’
    • ‘She lost her job shortly afterwards, as the virtual anger spilled over into real life.’
    • ‘Are fears that ethnic strife may spill over to the neighbors exaggerated?’