Definition of spin-stabilized in English:



(also British spin-stabilised)
  • (of a satellite or spacecraft) stabilized in a desired orientation by being made to rotate about an axis.

    ‘Other ASVN applications include missiles and rockets that might rotate at launch for thrust equalization and to augment stability, or spin-stabilized micro- or nano-satellites.’
    • ‘220-mm Multiple Rocket Launcher The 9P140 Uragan (previously referred to incorrectly as BM - 22) is the world's first modern fin and spin-stabilized heavy rocket system.’
    • ‘Is the ability to hit the target with high reliability influenced if the target is either tumbling or spin-stabilized?’



/ˌspinˈstābəˌlīzd/ /ˌspɪnˈsteɪbəˌlaɪzd/