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spin doctor

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  • A spokesperson employed to give a favorable interpretation of events to the media, especially on behalf of a political party.

    • ‘I learnt this as a junior spin doctor for a minor political party.’
    • ‘The refusal by the prime minister and his top spin doctor to testify before the Foreign Affairs Committee has opened them up to renewed political attack.’
    • ‘However it should improve its PR and employ a good spin doctor.’
    • ‘She should be a political spin doctor instead of an academic historian.’
    • ‘But more importantly, unlike what their spin doctor told them, this will not be forgotten in 2 years' time.’
    • ‘So he has his own spin doctor, but that will not be much help to him.’
    • ‘WE GOT an opportunity to pelt the former spin doctor Alastair Campbell with eggs on Tuesday of last week.’
    • ‘The government spin doctor was in little doubt last Monday.’
    • ‘Previously, I've found him to be a fairly loathsome figure, the epitome of all that is rotten about the role of the spin doctor in modern politics.’
    • ‘This is government by stealth, government by sham, government by spin doctor, and government by greed.’
    • ‘And the Iran Contra crisis introduced a new weapon into the spin doctor's armoury.’
    • ‘So we sold up, for £190,000, to a man who later reinvented himself as a Conservative spin doctor.’
    • ‘We don't need a new spin doctor in Downing Street, we need a new Prime Minister in Downing Street.’
    • ‘Had the president had a spin doctor, now would have been his moment.’
    • ‘When at last Dewar made it into government, in 1997, he refused to have a spin doctor.’
    • ‘The best that can be said about the affair is that the hefty financial bill that the spin doctor now faces may engender caution among others launching libel actions.’
    • ‘If he differed at all from the hundreds of petty thieves and gun-toting sadists who populated the Wild West, it was in the sense that he was an accomplished spin doctor.’
    • ‘Even Behe now behaves more like a spin doctor than a scientist.’
    • ‘I thought this guy was supposed to be a good spin doctor?’
    • ‘Depending on your point of view, he's either the world's premier message medic or the original spin doctor.’
    speech-maker, public speaker, lecturer, talker, speechifier, expounder, orator, declaimer, rhetorician, haranguer


spin doctor

/ˈspin ˌdäktər/ /ˈspɪn ˌdɑktər/