Definition of spin one's wheels in English:

spin one's wheels


informal North American
  • Waste one's time or efforts.

    • ‘It's a show mainly fueled by ire: If his guests are courteous and prepared, he spins his wheels.’
    • ‘We are spinning our wheels while falling further behind.’
    • ‘You're probably right about us spinning our wheels, so I'll move on.’
    • ‘So for at least five of the last eight years, I was just spinning my wheels.’
    • ‘I'm just spinning my wheels, getting ready to turn 30.’
    • ‘This girl is going places - she's one precision driver who won't be spinning her wheels.’
    • ‘But let's not spin our wheels with the siren song of cool-sounding phrases and poorly thought out arguments.’
    • ‘‘There's no point spinning your wheels with a light rail program that will never pass in Vancouver,’ she said.’
    • ‘‘In a start-up environment, you're spinning your wheels if you only meet once or twice a month,’ says Meyer, 34.’
    • ‘Since one of the main benefits of weightlifting is to increase bone strength and density, you're simply spinning your wheels in the gym if you're chronically low on calcium.’