Definition of spindle legs in English:

spindle legs

plural noun

(also spindleshanks)
  • 1Long thin legs.

    ‘The friend told that her head looked too big for her body and her thin spindle legs looked like they couldn't support the weight of her shoes.’
    • ‘The furniture is either light, with spindle legs and wicker, or it is of a light color: the heaviest piece, the sofa, is made with the lightest color fabric, an off-white that's even paler than the pale pink walls.’
    • ‘He swears, shivers, swings spindle legs off the bed and lurches, teeth bared, into the stinging spray.’
    • ‘With delicate yet sturdy spindle legs, the set includes a round table and 2 matching chairs.’
    • ‘The round stool has turned spindle legs and a thickly upholstered beige fabric cushion, 63% cotton and 37% polyester.’
    • ‘Classic English country styling featuring parquet veneer tops, cast resin accents and square spindle legs are just a handful of elements found in the Bristol Collection.’
    • ‘The turned spindle legs can be made by you - they are detailed on the baby cradle plans, or they can be purchased below!’
    • ‘Slab Coffee Table #1, 1945, for example, has kludgy disks (wooden washers) awkwardly screwed onto its underside with the spindle legs jutting out of them.’
    • ‘It has a matching piano bench with spindle legs.’
    1. 1.1treated as singular A person with long thin legs.