Definition of spine-bash in English:



[with object]informal
  • Rest or spend time in an aimless, idle way.

    ‘he spine-bashes on all possible occasions’
    • ‘He took himself into the backyard and flopped down to spine-bash under the gum tree.’
    • ‘They would rather have stayed in the camp to spine-bash.’
    • ‘He was grabbing the chance of a spot of spine-bashing.’
    • ‘For a couple ashamed to be caught spine-bashing through the day, they were surprisingly docile and compliant about spending a whole day in bed.’
    • ‘There was enough time for spine bashing and relaxing.’
    • ‘I sat at home spine-bashing and waiting for the telephone to ring each morning.’
    • ‘She had done most of her spine-bashing on the beaches north of Newport.’
    • ‘If we pull off this ambush we'll have won, then it's spine-bashing time.’
    • ‘He's been spine-bashing the whole week.’
    • ‘I was doing a bit of spine-bashing in the morning.’
    • ‘You pass the time by washing your socks, scrounging tucker, or spine-bashing.’
    • ‘We did some spine-bashing and, after some steak and eggs, the boys began to revive.’
    • ‘Much of that time would have been wasted spine-bashing on the boats and melting in the tropical eastern atmosphere.’
    • ‘Most of us spine-bash at least 20 hours a week, generally in front of a TV set.’
    • ‘Most arvos she liked to spine bash cos she was stuffed after checking out the roos and the local yobbos’
    • ‘A rest of several days gives us time to swim, sleep, and spine-bash.’
    • ‘Joe had gone off to his room to catch up on email and Pip decided to spine bash – a rarity for her.’


  • An instance or period of resting.

    ‘we were having a spine-bash when the fire started up again’
    • ‘Instead of having the usual spine-bash on his bunk, he spent too much of his spare time picking burrs out of his puffy fingers.’
    • ‘My father would have a spine-bash and after that, we might go for a drive.’
    • ‘He's taken a bit of annual leave and I've been having this spinebash myself.’
    • ‘Ingenious structures built from bush timber made each tent an ideal place for a spine bash.’
    • ‘After hearing the sad lament of Sunday walks being diverted to spine bashes I thought “After all, why shouldn't I?”’
    • ‘Now for a spine-bash in Bluey's new garden hammock.’
    • ‘A spinebash at Bali's Tegal Sari (or similar) would be so much more relaxing for your short break.’
    • ‘On Monday he was in for another spine-bash that lasted three days. It was too brazen for words.’
    • ‘Bugsy is having a little spinebash at the moment in case we want to sit up all night and watch.’