Definition of spinelessness in English:



See spineless

‘Fischer's obsequiousness is not simply, or even primarily, a reflection of his subjective cowardice and political spinelessness.’
  • ‘The supposed spinelessness and ineptitude of politicians is often one of the few things about which military officers can agree.’
  • ‘It went to the bunker, ranting about a conspiracy by animal rights fanatics and admonishing the biologists for spinelessness.’
  • ‘It was the precursor to the Seventies with their hopeless mismanagement of government and spinelessness towards terrorism.’
  • ‘There were other defendants such as Ribbentrop, Funk, and Rosenberg who seemed notable principally for their spinelessness; and, as for Streicher and Hess, even their sanity stood in question.’



/ˈspīnləsnəs/ /ˈspaɪnləsnəs/