Definition of spinner dolphin in English:

spinner dolphin


  • A dolphin of warm seas that has a long slender beak and is noted for rotating several times while leaping into the air.

    Genus Stenella, family Delphinidae: two species, in particular S. longirostris

    ‘Schools of spinner dolphin and two enormous sunfish seen basking at the surface on the return journey proved the cherry on the icing.’
    • ‘The Sierra Club works with the Oceanic Society to survey nesting patterns of many bird species here, and also aids in spinner dolphin research.’
    • ‘From time to time huge pods of spinner dolphins leap from the water, the occasional minke whale spouts and you might even see enormous sunfish basking near the surface of the sea.’
    • ‘Unlike bottled-nosed dolphins, the smaller spinner dolphins travel in schools of up to 100 or more.’
    • ‘Climb up to the highest ridge on the dunes and you get a 270 [degrees] ocean view; it's not uncommon to spot pods of spinner dolphins and even whales.’
    • ‘The 42-foot Island Spirit catamaran, captained by the knowledgeable and cordial Armin Cullins with his wife Tori assisting, sails early in the morning in search of Hawaii's native spinner dolphins.’
    • ‘Last summer, participants observed spinner dolphins on Midway Atoll and documented seabirds in California.’
    • ‘As we were being shuttled from the liveaboard to the drop-off by our Egyptian boat-handler - known affectionately as Captain Zodiac - a pod of spinner dolphins bow-waved us.’
    • ‘An hour after hiking through a rain forest, you can be snorkeling at the beach - or, if you're as lucky as we were, swimming among Lanai's resident pod of spinner dolphins.’
    • ‘Then throw yourself into activities like paniolo cattle round-ups, mountain biking, and sea kayaking - perhaps with a posse of spinner dolphins.’
    • ‘Another treat was a visit by hundreds of spinner dolphins that Capt. Steve spotted with his razor-sharp eyes before any of us could see anything.’
    • ‘The spinner dolphins that had followed the boat out were not to be seen; instead there were unicornfish, clouds of snappers, fusiliers and the odd trunkfish.’
    • ‘As if Nature's colourful display was not enough, a school of small spinner dolphins coursed by the Pelagian, chasing a school of tuna.’
    • ‘Its crew is looking not for tuna but for schools of spotted or spinner dolphins skimming along the surface in pods of up to a thousand or more.’
    • ‘This site is well known for the large pod of about 100 spinner dolphins that make their way out of the atoll every evening to hunt fish and squid in the open ocean.’
    • ‘You may find your craft escorted by spinner dolphins or see a double rainbow spanning the sculpted cliffs.’
    • ‘Worldwide, however, travelling divers are more likely to see pan-tropical spotted and spinner dolphins in the wild.’
    • ‘At the least you're sure to sight a few spotted and spinner dolphins, abundant in Soufrière Bay.’
    • ‘Frequently eluding humans are the spinner dolphins that swim close to shore at Baia dos Golfinhos on average twice a day.’
    • ‘Manta rays can be encountered here; spinner dolphins ride the bow wave of the dive boat.’


spinner dolphin

/ˈspinər ˈdälfən/ /ˈspɪnər ˈdɑlfən/ /ˈdôlfən/ /ˈdɔlfən/