Definition of spinning jenny in English:

spinning jenny

Pronunciation /spɪnɪŋˈdʒeni/


  • A machine for spinning with more than one spindle at a time, patented by James Hargreaves in 1770.

    ‘This was used to measure the highest and lowest cylinder pressures to estimate how much power would be needed for particular machines such as a group of spinning jennies.’
    • ‘Bury's John Kay, who invented the flying shuttle, and Blackburn's James Hargreaves, the inventor of the spinning jenny, will also be featured.’
    • ‘Although the spinning jenny and water frame managed to increase the productive capacity of the cotton industry, the real breakthrough came with developments in steam power.’
    • ‘Maybe traditional texts do sometimes get a bit bogged down in the details of how the spinning jenny worked, but the macroeconomic emphasis of this book also has its drawbacks.’
    • ‘It is true that the spinning jenny and other inventions of the industrial revolution caused many families to have a hungry winter after the breadwinner's job was lost.’