Definition of Spinozism in English:



  • The theories and views proposed by the Dutch philosopher Baruch de Spinoza.

    ‘the doctrine of this philosopher differed little from Spinozism’
    • ‘He brings a terrible authority to the cosmic Spinozism of the show's ethical pay-off.’
    • ‘Present-day materialism, he wrote, is a Spinozism that has become more or less aware of itself.’
    • ‘It was above all in Germany that this aspect of Spinozism had its greatest impact.’
    • ‘It is only those who never destroy themselves too much who can retain a hostility to this aspect of Spinozism.’
    • ‘On this occasion, it came to light how much Spinoza was really forgotten, and in what horror Spinozism was held.’
    • ‘There is no 'road to Damascus' conversion to Spinozism, only a steady but implacable deletion of default assumptions.’
    • ‘By the time he was in his early twenties, he had absorbed Darwinism and taken a special interest in Spinozism as an intellectual religion.’
    • ‘Spinozism is essentially atheism, and had Spinoza lived in a less tolerant country, he would have been burned at the stake.’
    • ‘It is not, as Spinozism conceives it, a purely mechanical aggregate, a mere sum.’
    • ‘Stoicism and Spinozism are variations on the same basic world view.’



/spəˈnōˌzizəm/ /spəˈnoʊˌzɪzəm/