Definition of Spinozistic in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Dutch philosopher Spinoza or his ideas.

    ‘the influence of the Spinozistic system’
    • ‘Much has been written about the response of Einstein's contemporaries to his Spinozistic cosmic religion.’
    • ‘The director's vision is of an immanent, impersonal, Spinozistic God, where God = Nature.’
    • ‘He's attained a Spinozistic wisdom, an awareness 'that there can be no hope without fear, and no fear without hope'.’
    • ‘These are arguments for the existence of a Spinozistic or Deistic 'God of Nature' who or which leaves Nature and its creatures entirely to their own devices.’
    • ‘Pain and reversal have bequeathed to him an indifference to the fickle viscissitudes of outrageous fortune that is 'philosophical' in both the colloquial, and the rigorously Spinozistic, sense.’



/ˌspinəˈzistik/ /ˌspɪnəˈzɪstɪk/ /ˌspinōˈzistik/ /ˌspɪnoʊˈzɪstɪk/