Definition of spinulose in English:



Botany Zoology
  • Having small spines.

    ‘The terminals studied have the type of pollen morphology described by Nowicke: pantoporate, spinulose and punctate ektexine with very small, numerous, sparsely-distributed pores.’
    • ‘In it grow such ferns as adder's tongue fern, bog fern, Christmas fern, crested fern, Goldie's fern, maidenhair fern, New York fern, ostrich fern, and spinulose woodfern.’
    • ‘Oak fern and spinulose wood fern are common, along with strawberryleaf raspberry, threeleaf foamflower, and twisted-stalk.’
    • ‘Also, the outermost apical exopodal setae (also a ‘spine’) of swimming legs 1-4 have an inner margin bearing a row of short hair-like setules, with the outer margin lightly spinulose to its tip.’
    • ‘Galls of D. polita are spherical and spinulose, averaging from 3.5 to 12 mm in diameter, and are found in clusters on the adaxial surface of leaflets.’



/ˈspīnyəˌlōs/ /ˈspaɪnjəˌloʊs/


Early 19th century from modern Latin spinulosus, from spinula, diminutive of spina ‘thorn, spine’.