Definition of spiny mouse in English:

spiny mouse


  • A mouse that has spines mixed with the hair on its back, native to Africa and southwestern Asia.

    Genus Acomys, family Muridae: several species

    ‘This ensures the spiny mouse is fully grown, and all their qualities are more pronounced then.’
    • ‘Golden spiny mice live in arid regions consisting of deserts and savannas dominated by rocky crevices.’
    • ‘Food that contains too much fat results in less fit spiny mice and it makes their fur greasy.’
    • ‘The spiny mouse gets its name from the adapted hairs on its body, which are similar to hedgehog spines.’
    • ‘Unlike lizards, however, the spiny mice can never grow tails to replace the ones they lose.’


spiny mouse

/ˈspīnē mous/ /ˈspaɪni maʊs/