Definition of spire shell in English:

spire shell


  • A marine or freshwater mollusk with a long conical spiral shell.

    Hydrobiidae and related families, class Gastropoda

    ‘In the sand you can find cone shells, spire shells and flatfish.’
    • ‘An area of mudflat similar to that occupied by a dinghy could hold 40,000 tiny Laver spire shells, 60,000 Corophium shrimps, 50,000 Baltic Tellin shellfish or up to 500 Ragworms.’
    • ‘He would approach an area of sand on the bottom, wave his hand vigorously to remove the top layers and find these beautiful spire shells.’
    • ‘One square metre of mud might contain thousands of tiny spire shells.’
    • ‘The millions of small black specks that littered the sand were likely to have been tiny laver spire shells.’


spire shell

/ˈspī(ə)r SHel/ /ˈspaɪ(ə)r ʃɛl/