Definition of spirit level in English:

spirit level

Pronunciation /ˈspɪrət ˌlɛvəl/

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  • another term for level (sense 4 of the noun)

    ‘Bricklaying tools include a hammer, mason's string, a few 10d nails, a trowel, a spirit level, a hand level, a piece of carpenters chalk and a broad-bladed cold chisel.’
    • ‘A single tool - technically called a spirit level, better known simply as a level - is the workhorse in the industry for checking plumb and level, and a good spirit level belongs in every toolbox.’
    • ‘It is used to square the end of a board, mark a 45-degree angle for mitering, and even make quick level checks with the built-in spirit level.’
    • ‘If the hooks are level the frame will be level, so carefully measure down from a level ceiling or use a spirit level accurately.’
    • ‘Make sure that the post spike is level by using the spirit level.’
    • ‘The floating face of the compass acts as a spirit level, enabling me to ‘shoot straight ‘with the sonar gun.’’
    • ‘A spirit level was used to keep the models level, and the end of the pipe was fitted with a weir over which the fluid could flow readily, but which ensured that the pipe was always completely filled with fluid.’
    • ‘By about my fiftieth attempt to make it perfectly horizontal, he raced inside without any explanation, and then came back a few minutes later brandishing his spirit level from woodwork.’
    • ‘Since 1979, vertical deformation around Lake Taupo has been monitored using the lake as a giant spirit level.’
    • ‘It was something you hammered, chainsawed, sized up with a spirit level, until it was absolutely durable and true.’
    • ‘Use a spirit level for this: an uneven patio collects water and cracks.’
    • ‘You will need a spirit level and tape measure, tile adhesive and a notched spreader to apply it with, and probably a tile file.’
    • ‘You could use him instead of a spirit level next time you're tiling, because he is a perfect plumb-line.’
    • ‘I think Danny hit him with the spirit level as we were rolling about on the floor.’
    • ‘Last week I mentioned the fact that panoramas can be carried out by any competent photographer with an absolute minimum of equipment - a ‘standard’ camera, a tripod and a spirit level.’
    • ‘This spurred the interest in me to design a prototype spirit level to measure slope angles.’
    • ‘These days ‘the builder's smile’ has been well and truly adopted by the younger generation, most of whom have never wielded a spirit level or a hammer in anger in their short lives.’
    • ‘At the first sight of an unfamiliar man wielding a spirit level, they're off to some spa in Mustique, timing their arrival home with the last handle being fitted in their sumptuous new kitchen.’
    • ‘This was achieved by using an ingenious spirit level.’
    • ‘Baguley kept a careful eye on the spirit level throughout.’