Definition of spiritlessness in English:



See spiritless

‘One opines instead that the spiritlessness of the real world drives more and more people to adopt strong active virtual identities.’
  • ‘There was a spiritlessness about the Tavistock that I think drove Laing to despair.’
  • ‘One day she will slip away, and succumb to the spiritlessness of the broth.’
  • ‘And this is what I love about the guy: other politicians would have stood ramrod straight and leaked crocodile tears with that aching spiritlessness we have come to expect from them.’
  • ‘Their utter spiritlessness extends even to fundamental needs; Mr. M's wife said her husband would have starved to death had she not intervened.’



/ˈspiritləsnəs/ /ˈspɪrɪtləsnəs/