Definition of spiritualize in English:


transitive verb

(also British spiritualise)
[with object]
  • Elevate to a spiritual level.

    ‘the task of spiritualizing institutions of state power did not prove to be easy’
    • ‘So there you go, plenty to entertain you, spiritualize you, educate you and most importantly make you laugh.’
    • ‘But the overall effect of the poem is one of denial, fabricated intimacy and an insulting treatment of a situation that in our culture has already been spiritualized and depersonalized to death.’
    • ‘At lunch today we spoke a little about prasadam, vegetarian foods that have been spiritualized by being offered to Krishna in the temple.’
    • ‘What are the criteria that determine what should be spiritualized?’
    • ‘His mother has become deified and spiritualized by the Indian crowd.’
    • ‘This vision of a new beginning in a pure and untrammeled land served to spiritualize the past where there were no antique monuments to do so.’
    • ‘If literacy introduces John to the spirituality of the text, it also seems to spiritualize Lucy.’
    • ‘People of the Ancient World didn't spiritualize the way they did to be cool, or to be rebellious.’
    • ‘Matter, once fallen, is spiritualized and made holy in the image of the Absolute.’
    • ‘‘As writer and profeminist activist John Stoltenberg explains, patriarchal culture ‘romanticizes, spiritualizes, emotionalizes and psychologizes the right of men to own women… as property.’’
    • ‘And when Krishna accepts the food, it becomes spiritualised.’
    • ‘Just as the Renaissance involved a general turning away from spirit and towards nature, so art itself became less spiritualised and more naturalised.’
    • ‘Miracle stories per se may be crude renderings of the seamless and spiritual way in which God truly responds to the world but, when properly spiritualized, they take on value.’
    • ‘She thus criticizes church teaching that is too abstract or spiritualized and seeks to correct the traditional dichotomy between the secular and religious lives.’
    • ‘Art spiritualized, through unconventional spiritual practices and beliefs, is foundational to any appreciation of Page's visual art.’
    • ‘Were they spiritualized, minimized, or did they fail to find fulfillment only because of the failure of the restoration to materialize?’
    • ‘For one thing, this overlap reminds us that a holistic spirituality should be neither individualistic nor spiritualized.’
    • ‘Many are of great beauty and delicacy, others veer toward the new - ageish and psycho - spiritualized.’



/ˈspiriCH(əw)əˌlīz/ /ˈspɪrɪtʃ(əw)əˌlaɪz/