Definition of spiritually in English:


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  • In a way that relates to or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

    ‘they are connected spiritually through a sense of purpose’
    • ‘a spiritually uplifting film’
    • ‘That Rembrandt was deeply engaged—intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, visually, physically—with his art may seem self-evident.’
    • ‘They place importance on teaching non-dancers to move spiritually.’
    • ‘The title refers to the uncontrollable desire of the main characters to possess each other physically and spiritually.’
    • ‘The mummies are physically dead, but psychically and spiritually still very active.’
    • ‘Her spiritually based seminar series advocates abstinence until marriage.’



/ˈspiriCH(o͞o)əlē/ /ˈspɪrɪtʃ(u)əli/