Definition of spit it out in English:

spit it out


  • Used to urge someone to say or confess something quickly.

    • ‘spit it out, man, I haven't got all day’
    • ‘Jonathan loathed the sound of that man's name, he hated to speak it, he spit it out quickly and swigged his coke to remove the taste.’
    • ‘He took it out of Kuwait in 1991, and we made him spit it out.’
    • ‘People may not like it, but I just spit it out and say it like it is.’
    • ‘As Mitchell describes it, this is a book about a boy who doesn't know what he knows - who has the entire world inside of him but cannot spit it out.’
    • ‘I would have liked to tell him to spit it out but I held my tongue; I wasn't about to force him to reveal anything he wasn't comfortable revealing.’
    • ‘‘I guess I'll just spit it out,’ the man began again, still not telling us anything.’
    • ‘It's like they want to say something but they can't spit it out.’
    • ‘It was a thought that had been on my mind, and I didn't know how to bring it up, but it seemed like there was never the right time to ask, so I had to just spit it out.’
    • ‘She was obviously stalling, but I mean, couldn't she just spit it out?’
    • ‘Ugh, why couldn't she have spit it out before falling unconscious?’
    • ‘After a minute I happily spit it out, but Lauren wasn't done with me.’
    • ‘‘Then spit it out already,’ Holiday told her, now pushing back her cuticles.’
    • ‘He tried to spit it out, but his mouth was dry and he could not.’