Definition of spitchcock in English:



  • An eel that has been split and grilled or fried.

    • ‘Until October 1st, the spitchcock exports to Japan recover after stopping two months.’
    • ‘The main aquatics exportation from the country includes spitchcocks, frozen fish slices, shell-off frozen shrimps, squids, kelps and lavers.’
    • ‘Fresh chef Peter Evans and Getaway host Catriona Rowntree create a Mediterranean-themed menu of Italian mussels, polenta-crusted spitchcock with green olives and Gorgonzola dolce late with truffled honey.’


[with object]
  • Split and grill or fry (an eel or other fish).

    ‘I spitchcocked it which means I split it up the backbone, flattened it, which involves putting it on a table and hammering it with my fist till it was flat.’
    ‘The room of banquet had been re-arranged by the old woman; spitchcocked chickens, fried rashers, and broiled marrow-bones appeared struggling for precedence.’


Late 15th century of unknown origin; compare with spatchcock.