Definition of splanchnic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsplaNGknik/ /ˈsplæŋknɪk/


  • Relating to the viscera or internal organs, especially those of the abdomen.

    • ‘Radiation of the pain to the back indicating retroperitoneal invasion of the splanchnic nerve plexus by the tumour occurs in a quarter of patients.’
    • ‘The main nerve trunks linking the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system are known as the vagus and splanchnic nerves.’
    • ‘Gastrointestinal autonomic neuropathy may cause paresis anywhere in the digestive tract, with damage to small myelinated and unmyelinated splanchnic nerves.’
    • ‘The spinal cord and a splanchnic nerve that carries preganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers are important elements of the nervous system seen in this section.’
    • ‘Microvascular vasoconstriction is the underlying process and is precipitated by splanchnic hypoperfusion due to depressed cardiac output or renal or hepatic disease.’
    • ‘It may affect coronary, pulmonary, cerebral, and splanchnic circulations.’
    • ‘The principal ganglionic neurons receive the synaptic output of the preganglionic motor fibers in the splanchnic nerves, which originate in the anterior horn cells.’
    • ‘The formation of ascites in cirrhosis is due to a combination of abnormalities in both renal function and portal and splanchnic circulation.’
    • ‘Vasomotor neuropathy frequently causes orthostatic hypotension by affecting the splanchnic and peripheral vascular beds.’
    • ‘To investigate this issue, Laffey and coworkers used a splanchnic ischemia-reperfusion injury to produce lung injury in rats.’
    • ‘Vasopressin results in a decrease in splanchnic blood flow and has been used to treat gastrointestinal bleeding.’
    • ‘The greater and lesser splanchnic nerves (preganglionic sympathetic) are found.’
    • ‘Cytokine levels decreased from ascites to lymph to blood, suggesting a splanchnic origin.’
    • ‘Octreotide, a synthetic somatostatin analogue, reduces splanchnic blood flow when given intravenously as a constant infusion and can be used before endoscopy in patients with active bleeding.’
    • ‘Reflex sympathetic vasoconstriction initiates peripheral and splanchnic vasoconstriction and increased peripheral resistance to divert blood to the brain and coronary arteries.’
    • ‘Altogether, these results suggest that both plasma and lymph compartments are ‘fueled’ by the same inflammatory focus located in the splanchnic territory.’
    • ‘Inflammatory mediators were primarily released from the splanchnic area, and gained access to the systemic compartment mainly by the portal and suprahepatic circulation.’
    • ‘Because hypercapnia directly increases splanchnic perfusion through vasodilation, the potential exists for differential effects on multiorgan injury.’
    • ‘This, coupled with splanchnic hypoperfusion, necessitates early and aggressive enteral feeding to decrease catabolism and maintain gut integrity.’
    • ‘This reduction in splanchnic blood flow is potentially deleterious in septic shock.’


Late 17th century from modern Latin splanchnicus, from Greek splankhnikos, from splankhna ‘entrails’.



/ˈsplaNGknik/ /ˈsplæŋknɪk/