Definition of splinter-proof in English:



  • 1Capable of withstanding splinters from bursting shells or bombs.

    ‘splinter-proof shutters’
    • ‘To build a splinter-proof shield in an infantry emplacement, the frame and the cover of the module are cut through in the horizontal plane into an arch-supported structural element of the needed height and length.’
    • ‘Thus, it is necessary to build, in emplacements for regular-issue weapons, splinter-proof shields to protect the riflemen and gun crews from the so-called ‘non-contact’ munitions.’
    • ‘Second, in accordance with current field engineering practices, the troops build on their positions both covered shelters and open shelters (covered slit trenches, niches, splinter-proof shields and so on).’
    • ‘Colt laughed again, ‘It's also splinter-proof.’’
  • 2Not producing splinters when broken.

    ‘splinter-proof glass’
    • ‘Wide windshields with splinter proof glass ensure excellent visibility.’
    • ‘A flat pane of splinter-proof glass forms the windshield of the cockpit.’
    • ‘Goggles and / or spectacles worn must be made of splinter proof material’



/ˈsplin(t)ərˌpro͞of/ /ˈsplɪn(t)ərˌpruf/