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split end

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  • 1usually split endsA tip of a person's hair which has split from dryness or ill-treatment.

    ‘I've got very bad split ends’
    • ‘Going from short to long hair takes time and TLC, especially if chemical overprocessing has left you with split ends and dryness.’
    • ‘‘Ninety percent of those with long hair will get split ends right after getting highlights,’ Varin says.’
    • ‘You only get split ends with wet hair in cold weather.’
    • ‘It doesn't stop at hair condition or split ends - there is the scalp to think about, as well, and, frequently, hair thinning, which is when the real panic sets in, finally prompting people to seek advice.’
    • ‘I shower daily, but if I shampooed every day my hair would turn into a nasty dry mass of stiff split ends, like one of those old-fashioned straw brooms.’
    • ‘‘You must be Michelle,’ she chirped while picking at some split ends of her hair.’
    • ‘With a little planning and preventive measures, you can avoid the common sun and surf damage of faded colour, fragile, brittle or dry hair and yucky split ends.’
    • ‘Megabucks were spent correcting split ends of women's hair.’
    • ‘She let out a loud scoff and flipped her ponytail over her shoulder, beginning to carelessly check her hair for split ends.’
    • ‘She is a little taller than I am, has long dyed black hair with lots of split ends, and wears a padded bra to look as big as I am.’
    • ‘Chlorine sucks sebum out of the hair, causing split ends and smelly strands.’
    • ‘Long, wild white hair, full of split ends, fell nearly to the back of her knees.’
    • ‘With this, she lightly touched the split ends of my long hair, which tumbled down my back.’
    • ‘Meagan didn't even bother to look at them as she examined her hair and looked for split ends.’
    • ‘She bit her lip, finding a sudden interest in studying her hair for split ends.’
    • ‘I also make sure that the length of my new haircut is short enough to get rid of any split ends, and sometimes I cut it a little shorter in back.’
    • ‘His hair had been unruly and full of split ends and his beard ought to have had a wild life preserve all its own with a silly British anthropologist doting on it day and night and writing notes about it.’
    • ‘It also helps prevent split ends and most importantly, it's non-greasy and can be easily washed out without leaving sticky residue.’
    • ‘At night, protect your hair with a satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase, which prevents split ends, tangling and matting, and preserves your hair style.’
    • ‘I have split ends but can't be bothered to go get my hair cut.’
  • 2American Football
    An offensive end positioned on the line of scrimmage but several yards away from the other linemen.

    ‘He was a split end and outside linebacker in a smaller school in Alabama.’
    • ‘The Jets want Coles to play the split end position he played previously with the team, so McCareins will move to flanker, where he played as a member of the Titans.’
    • ‘It's an especially positive development for Boldin, who seemed miscast most of the time last season as a split end instead of playing the slot, where he excelled as a rookie.’
    • ‘At Georgia, he had started at flanker, tailback, quarterback, and split end, and also had handled punt and kickoff return duties.’
    • ‘Clayton is the split end, usually lining up wide of the line.’


split end

/split end/ /splɪt ɛnd/