Definition of splutter in English:



[with object]
  • 1Make a series of short explosive spitting or choking sounds.

    ‘she coughed and spluttered, tears coursing down her face’
    • ‘‘It wasn't much, around seven million,’ she paused as the Inspector choked and spluttered.’
    • ‘The man choked and spluttered, but didn't answer.’
    • ‘As the Boss choked and spluttered for air he fished in his pocket for something.’
    • ‘I gave a gasping cry and began breathing heavily, then choked and spluttered for his benefit.’
    • ‘Vic looked at them as a sooty Tom coughed and spluttered.’
    • ‘Norwood coughed and spluttered, trying to speak.’
    • ‘The heater coughed and spluttered loudly and we both laughed nervously, trying to ease the tension.’
    • ‘You will find it splutters around, sometimes spitting spots of fuel from the exhaust, not seeming very impressive.’
    • ‘Her nostrils flare and she splutters, frothing bubbles from her nose, laying a thick trail of wrong wayed fluid in her wind pipe, but holding in the cough; drinking, and putting everything else on hold.’
    • ‘I run this by Mrs Webber who splutters for a second.’
    • ‘Julia splutters as she swallows the last sip of her wine.’
    • ‘But be warned - take a deep breath before you push that button or, like me, you could find yourself gasping and spluttering amid a thick mist of spray.’
    • ‘Will I emerge gasping and spluttering, bleary-eyed; or will I learn to hold my breath, to close my eyes?’
    • ‘Kara sipped the one he handed her and spluttered.’
    • ‘Matt spluttered, letting a small bit of his beer spill from his mouth, ‘I thought he took out the cameras!’’
    • ‘His brother spluttered all the way to the table but to no avail.’
    • ‘It overheated, it clunked, it smoked, stuttered, spluttered and on more than one occasion - blew up.’
    • ‘Trying to scramble back onto the bank all grace aside, she kicked and spluttered.’
    • ‘She began to cough and splutter sickly, the urge to do so appearing quite abruptly.’
    • ‘At last the tractor began to spit and splutter in protest and Papa and I knew that our efforts had nearly paid off.’
    jabber, babble, prattle, rattle, blabber, gibber, cackle, blab, drivel, twitter, splutter
    1. 1.1reporting verb Say something rapidly, indistinctly, and with a spitting sound, as a result of anger, embarrassment, or another strong emotion.
      with object ‘he began to splutter excuses’
      with direct speech ‘‘How dare you?’ she spluttered’
      • ‘‘Kara - Kara Sarris,’ he finally spluttered the words out.’
      • ‘That didn't matter, though, as the infuriated lord proceeded to splutter his way through a listing of the problems.’
      • ‘‘You,’ he splutters, turning red in the face, ‘you've drugged her!’’
      • ‘‘It's absolutely scandalous,’ he splutters.’
      • ‘Patrick spluttered, ‘You, you had no right to trick me like this.’’
      • ‘‘There are tragic things that happen all over the world’, he spluttered.’
      • ‘I spluttered, ‘Well, if it bothers you, Jacquiline, I won't go with her.’’
      • ‘‘Oh God,’ I spluttered, as I leapt to my feet and rushed to the bathroom.’
      • ‘The lips of the sentinel quivered as he spluttered out the words: ‘I - apologise, my Lord!’’
      • ‘It must have been too much for him that he could only splutter, ‘I don't believe it!’
    2. 1.2with object Spit (something) out from one's mouth noisily and in small splashes.
      ‘spluttering brackish water, he struggled to regain his feet’
      • ‘He splutters water as he tries to inhale more air.’
      • ‘Maybe it's the joy of playing it to friends who pride themselves on liking extreme music, and watching them splutter tea down their fronts.’
      snap, say angrily, hiss, rasp, splutter


  • A short explosive spitting or choking noise.

    ‘the engine gave one final splutter and died’
    ‘a splutter of laughter’
    • ‘The words came out in short excited little splutters.’
    • ‘All this, including conversations à trois at cross-purposes, with three-way splutters, is supposed to make the play more interesting but merely makes it all the more annoying.’
    • ‘She nodded, understanding, ignoring Aaron's splutters of indignation.’
    • ‘Steve and Andy stand in front of us and collapse into ridiculous splutters.’
    • ‘A spindly old man produced a bagpipe and blew it in competition with the flutist, beginning in wild, warlike tones and ending with an ignominious splutter and hiss.’
    • ‘Each splutter sprayed scarlet beads over her ghost-white frame, and over Raven when Nelly snatched at her shoulders in an attempt to steady herself.’
    • ‘He couldn't help but think it strange that she greeted him in a splutter.’
    • ‘No sobs or splutters or hiccoughs spilled from her trembling lip, although, her lip did tremble.’
    • ‘With a final awkward splutter, the flame barrier vanished.’
    • ‘I find myself increasingly irritated by the occasional coughs and splutters of the audience.’
    • ‘They wait for what seems an eternity in the waiting area amongst a baby's cries, coughs, splutters and a awkward, piercing, silence.’
    • ‘As it turned out, the opening 45 minutes of the film are by far the most entertaining; the coughs and splutters come later.’
    • ‘Beth started the old car and after and few coughs, and splutters, it began to move.’


Late 17th century imitative; compare with sputter.