Definition of spontaneity in English:


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  • The condition of being spontaneous; spontaneous behavior or action.

    ‘she occasionally tore up her usual schedule in favor of spontaneity’
    • ‘There is a genuine spontaneity to their reactions.’
    • ‘With one exception, they are spoken texts and so have the spontaneity and naturalness that make for pleasurable reading.’
    • ‘Composers are not known for their spontaneity.’
    • ‘He is a conductor of bold gestures, not averse to sacrificing spontaneity for micromanagement of detail.’
    • ‘I really enjoy the spontaneity of live audio, especially as a collaboration.’



/ˌspän(t)əˈnēədē/ /ˌspɑn(t)əˈniədi/ /ˌspän(t)əˈnāədē/ /ˌspɑn(t)əˈneɪədi/