Definition of spoonworm in English:



  • An unsegmented wormlike marine invertebrate that lives in burrows, crevices, or discarded shells. They typically have a sausage-shaped body with a long proboscis that can be extended over the seabed.

    Phylum Echiura

    ‘The Alaska spoonworm is said to have a proboscis that is not easily detached.’
    • ‘Called trochophores, these larvae link together mollusks and annelids - and other groups that include spoonworms, ribbonworms and peanutworms - within the larger group called Trochozoa.’
    • ‘Make a classroom wall dictionary of all the new worm words your students are learning: annelid, fanworm, earthworm, flatworm, leech, lugworm, nematode, planarian, ribbonworm, spoonworm, tapeworm… to name several.’
    • ‘My thesis deals with the internal relationships of Echiura (spoonworms).’



/ˈspo͞onwərm/ /ˈspunwərm/