Definition of sporting chance in English:

sporting chance


in singular
  • A reasonable chance of winning or succeeding.

    ‘I'll give you a sporting chance’
    • ‘In other words, extra-time will last either 15 or 30 minutes and the side which concedes a golden goal will, at least, be given a sporting chance of fighting back.’
    • ‘This way you can write and send your postcards on the day you arrive, so that you have at least a sporting chance of them arriving back home before you do.’
    • ‘If we can reproduce last Sunday's performance then there's a sporting chance that we will resurrect our league aspirations against what prior to last Sunday seemed to be mountainous odds.’
    • ‘Make a start and donate this site to the people of Cartron, and give the area a sporting chance.’
    • ‘To give all the competitors a sporting chance, they will be kitted-out in tuxedos and will get a chance to show-off any musical skills they might have as well on the night.’
    • ‘For the winners there's the sporting chance of advancing to the knockout quarter final stage with the guarantee of at least one more hugely competitive pre championship outing.’
    • ‘As Irish champion John knows, he has a sporting chance to scoop the world's beyblading championship - a Japanese version of the classic spinning top game.’
    • ‘Sure, no club has any God-given right to any status, but every club in a league should expect a sporting chance to progress, and those who cannot stand the heat demotion.’
    • ‘The Cartron Action Group called on Sligo Corporation to give the young people of the area a sporting chance following United's victory last year.’
    • ‘The essence of the spirit in which the English approached their hunting was that the quarry - even the noisy jackal - had to be given a sporting chance.’
    • ‘The widening financial gap between the top clubs and the rest would be reduced, and smaller clubs would once again have a sporting chance of challenging for honours.’
    • ‘This is the fifth County Title for the parish this season and must rank as one of the best ever, giving them more than a sporting chance of taking the club of the year title.’
    • ‘There were also things that need to improved on, but if we can go on and build from this win then we should have a sporting chance of making it to the knockout stage of the league.’
    • ‘The tittle-tattle from the industry is that he has a sporting chance.’
    • ‘Sports authorities ban them because they give the user more than a sporting chance by artificially helping them boost muscle strength and cut down recovery times after strenuous training.’
    • ‘There is a vast reservoir of talent lying untapped within the country; sporting abilities that could provide us with a sporting chance.’
    • ‘That gives the supporters a sporting chance of reaching the magical 10 per cent mark.’
    • ‘If only some of our readers had got the first four questions right, they would have been well in with a sporting chance of winning the Bunny Suit.’
    • ‘A criminal trial is not a game in which a guilty defendant should be provided with a sporting chance.’
    • ‘A perfectly sporting chance to prevail and set the record straight, it seems to us.’