Definition of springer in English:



  • 1

    (also springer spaniel)
    A small spaniel of a breed originally used to spring game. There are two main breeds, the English springer spaniel, typically black and white or brown and white, and the less common red and white Welsh springer spaniel.

    ‘The dog, a springer spaniel called Sasha, was unhurt.’
    • ‘Like most other dog handlers, PC Ware has two dogs, an Alsatian for general duties and a springer spaniel, Murphy, who is trained to seek-out drugs and retrieve hidden weapons.’
    • ‘HMS Monmouth has a new recruit in the fight against drugs traffickers - a springer spaniel named Caspar.’
    • ‘The 6-year-old springer spaniel is only the 24th dog to receive the medal issued by the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals since the Second World War.’
    • ‘The springers are very intelligent dogs and they love fetching and playing with toys.’
  • 2Architecture
    The lowest stone in an arch, where the curve begins.

  • 3A cow or heifer near to calving.

    ‘for sale—two Friesian springers, first and second calvers’
    • ‘The springers need to be rounded up and brought in.’
    • ‘The growth of the super dairies with 1,000 cows or more has created a good market for springers - replacement heifers due to calve soon.’



/ˈspriNGər/ /ˈsprɪŋər/