Definition of spritz in English:



[with object]
  • 1Squirt or spray a liquid at or on to (something) in quick, short bursts.

    ‘she spritzed her neck with cologne’
    • ‘She picked me up in her brand new Mustang Convertible about a second after I'd finished spritzing my hair for the millionth time.’
    • ‘Veronica took Abbey's hair out of the bun and started spritzing it with water.’
    • ‘If you absolutely must use them, make sure you spritz your hair with a heat protective spray first.’
    • ‘I take my hair out of the rollers and spritz it with hairspray.’
    • ‘Abbey quickly spritzed herself with a little perfume, sprayed her hair with hair spray, and headed to the living room.’
    • ‘She recently stopped wearing antiperspirant because she heard the aluminium in it can give you breast cancer, so she's constantly sniffing her armpits and spritzing herself with perfume.’
    • ‘To make a stencil for fabric, cut a motif from self-adhesive vinyl, or spritz the back of a plastic stencil with spray adhesive.’
    • ‘Completing her make up, she put on the dress, spritzed herself with Endless Love by Victoria's Secret, then put on the jewellery he had given her over the past 3 years.’
    • ‘I spritzed myself with a bit of cologne and walked out of the room and Francois whistled at me.’
    • ‘She spritzed herself with some Romance by Ralph Lauren, grabbed her purse and coat off her bed, and met John back in the living room.’
    • ‘When she was done, she put on a little lip gloss and spritzed herself with her favorite perfume.’
    • ‘He went for a bottle of perfume on his nightstand and spritzed himself to mask the scent of sweat and wine.’
    • ‘Narrow your choice down to two favorites and spritz each wrist.’
    • ‘Curls that have frizzed should be misted with water, spritzed with a styling spray and then scrunched in your hands.’
    • ‘To remove wrinkles, spritz the fabric with water, roll it up, and place it in a plastic bag for several hours.’
    • ‘Put extra-virgin olive oil in a mist sprayer, and spritz a nonstick wok for two seconds.’
    • ‘Who wouldn't feel good after being massaged with gorgeous jasmine - infused oil then cleansed and spritzed with rosewater?’
    • ‘Send him an invite sealed with a heart-shaped sticker and spritzed with perfume.’
    • ‘Aphids can be removed by spritzing them with soapy water.’
    • ‘Excuse me while I go spritz myself with Evian water.’
    1. 1.1Spray (a liquid) in quick, short bursts.
      ‘she spritzed some perfume behind her ears’
      • ‘A toner can be applied with a facial sponge, splashed onto skin or spritzed on with a spray bottle.’
      • ‘Once I had a flight attendant who spritzed perfume all over herself.’
      • ‘Working section by section, Lori spritzed Hilary's hair with Straight Spray.’
      • ‘A spray bottle spritzing water at a misbehaving kitten does wonders to "condition" him/her.’
      • ‘A sweet fragrance spritzed on your pulse points will make him move in a little closer.’
      • ‘A seat on the handlebars, and the tires spritzing rainwater with each revolution.’
      • ‘A. Send him an invite sealed with a heart-shaped sticker and spritzed with perfume.’
      • ‘Then the fringed bang was swept into the roll and spritzed with water for a light hold.’
      • ‘I prefer to dye the whole sheet with color so I begin by spritzing the paper with water.’
      • ‘To get root lift he uses his Super Volumizing Tonic spritzed onto the root area for great fullness.’
      • ‘So she poured it into an old window cleaner spray bottle and spritzed her wreath.’
      • ‘Sara and I were mainly interested in perfume, and a nice woman spritzed me with Dior and I smelled amazing for the rest of the day.’
      • ‘She put her hair into a French twist, spritzed some scent on herself and then waited for the response.’
      • ‘If you have time, lather previously spritzed spots with soap and water for the most effective removal.’
      • ‘The fabric is lightly spritzed with vinegar and sprinkled with a little table salt and cooking alum.’
      • ‘She gently spritzed the young crows with a hose, hoping they'd flutter away and spare her crop.’
      • ‘Banish static and flyaway by spritzing ionized water onto hair.’
      • ‘She spritzed on a little perfume and called Will.’
      • ‘Who wouldn't feel good after being massaged with gorgeous jasmine - infused oil then cleansed and spritzed with rosewater while their eyes de-puff under an icy mask?’
      • ‘Spritzed and dressed with the accompanying lemon slice and buttery tangle of julienned shiitake mushroom, the fish so frequently found crammed into a can is elevated to star status.’


  • An act of squirting or spraying liquid in short bursts or the liquid sprayed.

    • ‘Aboard, male stewards are always on hand to escort you to your pre-assigned seats and offer you a spritz of cologne for your wrists.’
    • ‘Finish up with a spritz of fragrance on the inside of your wrists, behind your ears and behind your knees.’
    • ‘When your pet shows signs of needing to cool down just give him several spritzes to wet him down.’
    • ‘Her cologne is citrusy and tart - it reminds her of when her father used to make gin and tonics with a spritz of fresh, cold lime.’
    • ‘After a spritz of cologne, I grabbed my car keys, wallet and sunglasses and headed out the door, down to the garage where my car was parked.’
    • ‘Enjoy with a glass of sparkling water and a spritz of lime.’
    • ‘Add a spritz of your favorite juice to flavored seltzer water or diet tonic water.’
    • ‘Lanvin Eclat d' Arpège is tinted a delicate shade of lilac and provides a subtly feminine spritz of lilac, lemon leaves and wisteria flowers.’
    • ‘These lightweight scents are perfect for a quick uplifting spritz!’
    • ‘Others wouldn't dream of leaving home without a spritz of their personal favorite perfume.’
    • ‘She added a spritz of a lilac fragranced perfume.’
    • ‘She had on bronze eye shadow, soft rosy blush with a hint of bronze, and clear lip - gloss, and a spritz of perfume.’
    • ‘She then left her room with a spritz of her favorite perfume… Midnight Romance.’
    • ‘Finish with a few spritzes of eau de toilette and a dab or two of perfume for long-lasting impact.’
    • ‘A few spritzes on your pillowcase, and you'll be in dreamland before you know it.’
    • ‘Cindy Crawford keeps her multi-million dollar skin moisturized with spritzes of equal parts of milk and water that she refreshes with throughout the day.’
    • ‘Many people make the mistake of replacing their deodorant with a generous spritz of their favorite perfume or cologne.’
    • ‘Jill's hair is treated with a light spritz of heat-protective spray before styling.’
    • ‘Finish with a spritz of light-hold hairspray to smooth flyaways.’
    • ‘She studied her reflection, glad she had added an extra spritz of hair spray and kept her strawberry lip gloss tube in her pocket.’


Early 20th century from German spritzen ‘to squirt’.