Definition of spymaster in English:


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  • The head of an organization of spies.

    ‘She systematically passed detailed information about Britain's nuclear weapons programme to the KGB spymasters.’
    • ‘Britain's Cold War spymasters secretly discussed plans to train flocks of homing pigeons to attack enemy targets with tiny but deadly biological weapons.’
    • ‘He is the greatest of spy novelists, and his supreme creation has been the spymaster George Smiley, whose skills, passions and uncertainties are at the heart of his finest novels.’
    • ‘He proposed that he should return to Norway with two transmitters, using the second one to send genuine information to the British without the knowledge of the German spymasters.’
    • ‘British spymasters were completely in the dark about the activities of the hijackers until the FBI alerted them.’



/ˈspīˌmastər/ /ˈspaɪˌmæstər/