Definition of squadron leader in English:

squadron leader


  • A rank of officer in the RAF, above flight lieutenant and below wing commander.

    • ‘Workshop attendees ranged in rank from leading aircraftman/woman to squadron leader and were drawn from units across the Air Force.’
    • ‘In 1918, Harris became a squadron leader in the newly formed RAF, and during the following two decades, he served in a number of locations around the British Empire.’
    • ‘The 41-year-old father-of-two is currently based in Cyprus on his second tour of duty as an air force squadron leader.’
    • ‘The 5,000 hours in the cockpit has left Paul, a former squadron leader, now based at Warton, with nerves of steel.’
    • ‘He served in the Royal Air Force medical branch from 1941 to 1946 in Africa and India and was a squadron leader at HQ Bombay.’


squadron leader