Definition of squamous in English:



(also squamose)
  • 1Covered with or characterized by scales.

    • ‘a squamous black hide’
    squamate, squamose, squamous, lamellate, lamellar, lamelliform, lamellose
    1. 1.1Anatomy Relating to, consisting of, or denoting a layer of epithelium that consists of very thin flattened cells.
      ‘squamous cell carcinoma’
      • ‘In some areas, the glandular epithelium showed squamous and transitional cell metaplasia.’
      • ‘These cells, about 40 m in diameter and termed primary oocytes, are enclosed within a single layer of squamous cells, forming a primordial follicle.’
      • ‘Differential cell counts were made by examining 500 nucleated cells, excluding squamous and bronchial epithelial cells.’
      • ‘Cancer in the upper part of the oesophagus is called squamous cell carcinoma.’
      • ‘He presented with a large squamous cell carcinoma on the dorsum of his right index finger.’
    2. 1.2Anatomy attributive Denoting the flat portion of the temporal bone which forms part of the side of the skull.
      • ‘The squamous part of the temporal bone may exhibit a sizable, extra process just anterior to the external acoustic meatus, called the postglenoid process.’



/ˈskwāməs/ /ˈskweɪməs/


Late Middle English from Latin squamosus, from squama ‘scale’.