Definition of squareness in English:



See square

  • ‘His career went into a tailspin as the children of the '60s rejected squareness.’
  • ‘Although Nadia has a wide forehead and a slightly pointed chin, because her face narrows around her cheekbones her face shape would be most likely classified as heart-shaped with a touch of squareness.’
  • ‘The problem is that Ross often misinterprets the appeal of retro entertainment, ignoring the sophistication of the classics while exaggerating their squareness.’
  • ‘The classic Range Rover shape is kept in the new design except that the squareness is softened by some subtle rounding off at the edges and front.’
  • ‘After everything is nailed together, check the wall for squareness first by measuring across diagonally from one corner to the other, then measuring the opposite diagonal.’