Definition of squashy in English:


adjectivesquashier, squashiest

  • Easily crushed or squeezed into a different shape; having a soft consistency.

    ‘a big, squashy leather chair’
    • ‘Instead I went to sit on the squashy overstuffed leather chair by the books.’
    • ‘If you use this entrance, you miss the lovely squashy leather sofas and the trendy wooden bar area that greets the front door customers.’
    • ‘The rooms are furnished in period style with squashy sofas and chairs in intimate groupings complete with photographs and hunting trophies from bygone eras and current family snaps.’
    • ‘Throwing himself into one of the office's numerous squashy chairs, Irvine admits to a last - minute attack of the collywobbles.’
    • ‘Once settled, she draws up her feet and sits cross-legged on the squashy chair.’
    • ‘I sat down in the living room on the big, squashy leather couch our landlady provided.’
    • ‘I smiled and made myself comfortable in my usual corner in a big, squashy, overstuffed chair.’
    • ‘Original solid mahogany doors set the tone; beds with squashy headboards and mountains of cushions are unbelievably comfortable, as are sofas; bathrooms are small but stylish, in racing-green marble.’
    • ‘Beyond the kitchen, there is plenty that will impress, from the outdoor Jacuzzi and floor-to-ceiling windows to the squashy sofas and heated stone floors.’
    • ‘Bake for 75 minutes, until they are dry but still squashy.’
    • ‘Dried fruit is a good addition and the sour, squashy dried cranberries available in little packets are particularly well-suited to this job.’
    • ‘Skeabost is an imposing, whitewashed country house with open fires, big squashy sofas and staff who make you feel that nothing is too much trouble.’
    • ‘On Christmas morning, there it was: a large and squashy parcel.’
    • ‘There was a couch, a rocking chair, and two big squashy armchairs complete with an ottoman for each.’
    • ‘Comfort is the key word in this calm and relaxed bar - from lounge-type music to nice squashy seating - and a fine drinks menu will start to lubricate the proceedings nicely.’
    • ‘There are rainproof bags for stormy days, sturdy totes for the beach, delicate fabrics for evening, and squashy shoulder bags for casual wear.’
    • ‘There is a small compartment in the front bonnet area suitable for a couple of squashy holdalls and two very deep and useful cubby-holes set into the sill area on each side of the car.’
    • ‘He laughs, leans back in the squashy sofa in his Whitehall office, overlooking the Cenotaph war memorial, and refuses to confirm or deny the story.’
    • ‘They become deliciously sweet and squashy and make a perfect filling for a pie.’
    • ‘The fruit is ripe when it is faintly but perceptibly squashy, especially at the stem end.’
    springy, resilient, spongy, soft, pliant, pliable, yielding, supple, elastic, cushiony, compressible, tender, flexible, ductile, malleable, tensile, plastic
    mushy, pulpy, pappy, slushy, sloppy, squelchy, squishy, oozy, doughy, semi-liquid, soft
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