Definition of squatter's chair in English:

squatter's chair


  • An outdoor reclining chair of wood and canvas with leg rests.

    ‘the squatter's chair is hard to beat for comfort and ingenuity’
    • ‘They seem not to have discovered that supreme example of veranda furniture, the squatter's chair, ubiquitous in Australia.’
    • ‘Near the door was a squatter's chair.’
    • ‘She was sitting on a squatter's chair on the veranda.’
    • ‘He was seated in a squatter's chair, leaning forward, his eyes fixed upon her.’
    • ‘He was stretched out in a squatter's chair.’
    • ‘Toby had his meal inside and then wandered out to his favourite squatter's chair near the front door.’
    • ‘Frank invited me to make myself comfortable on the steps while he reclined in a squatter's chair.’
    • ‘Luke settled into a creaking squatter's chair.’
    • ‘Wilfred dropped too quickly into a deep squatter's chair and had to pull himself up.’
    • ‘When you sink into a squatter's chair on a hot day with a beer in your hand, you never want to climb out.’