Definition of squattocracy in English:



Australian, New Zealand historical the squattocracy
  • People occupying Crown land in order to graze livestock, regarded as a social group or class.

    ‘a population that revelled in exposing the failings of the squattocracy’
    ‘based on our living standards, we consider that we're at the top of the squattocracy’
    • ‘She was born in NSW in 1879, a daughter of the squattocracy, the archetypal Australian bush girl.’
    • ‘By the end of the nineteenth century, portraits of the Australian squattocracy often incorporated illustrated histories of their properties.’
    • ‘He was born in London, but his family was of the Australian squattocracy.’
    • ‘That group expressed Utopian hopes for small-farm settlement, and hatred for the squattocracy.’
    • ‘Is it the squattocracy joyously celebrating the fact that the working man's club has been knocked back in its place, by it doesn't matter who?’
    • ‘They were set against the squattocracy and underwent a convulsive change in social values and patterns.’
    • ‘You've also got the squattocracy in this novel, and the huge fortunes which were being made in the pastoral country around Melbourne and around Geelong.’


Mid 19th century from squat + -cracy.