Definition of squawk box in English:

squawk box

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informal mainly North American
  • A loudspeaker, in particular one that is part of an intercom system.

    • ‘terse reports came over the squawk box’
    • ‘When a few more people had shown up, and there were twenty-five people in line, the door greeter - he's there to stop you stealing things - called on the squawk box for ‘all cashiers to come to the front.'’
    • ‘Some humorous fellow sent his voice over the squawk box in imitation of submarine noises and shouted, ‘Dive!’’
    • ‘‘Yeah, I'm up at base now,’ he announced into his squawk box as he surveyed the field of well-fortified tents.’
    • ‘It was not until later in the meeting, apparently, that Republican staffers realized the conversation was being broadcast over our ‘squawk boxes,’ at which point they began taping.’
    • ‘The squawk boxes mounted on the support poles didn't work, but everyone knew that so it wasn't a big deal.’


squawk box

/ˈskwôk ˌbäks/ /ˈskwɔk ˌbɑks/