Definition of squawker in English:



See squawk

  • ‘Harmonious, substantial and varied, Nova makes good as a female singer-songwriter, a genre that has been sullied by a procession of semi-talented squawkers in tight pants.’
  • ‘Please allow me to state from the outset that the teams' ornithological exploits often have me in fits of laughter, exposing the parrot for the malevolent little squawker that he is.’
  • ‘Most male penguins are known for being obstreperous, territorial squawkers.’
  • ‘Near the middle, Semiha Berksoy, a 90-year-old Turkish opera squawker, campily bedizened and reclining on a sofa, is slowly propelled across the stage as a recording of the Liebestod is encroached on by her decrepit screech.’
  • ‘I listen to Elaine Paige on Radio 2, I watch the pink-haired squawker from Fame Academy slaughter songs on BBC1's The Sound of Musicals, I know all the words to Annie.’