Definition of squawroot in English:



  • Either of two North American plants.

    a yellow-brown parasitic plant related to the broomrape (Conopholis americana, family Orobanchaceae)
    the blue cohosh. See

    ‘Peculiar, parasitic beechdrops grow on the roots of beech trees; squawroot, another plant devoid of chlorophyll, gains its nutrition from the leaf litter.’
    • ‘As Quinn observed, ‘There were countless ‘squawroots ‘.’
    • ‘Other common names for this plant are black root, bugbane, rattle root, rattle top, rattle squawroot, snake root and rattle weed.’
    • ‘As a group, members of the genus Trillium are commonly known as trillium, wakerobin, toadshade, squawroot, or carrion flower and they have recently gained interest as garden plants.’



/ˈskwôro͞ot/ /ˈskwɔrut/