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Pronunciation /skwid/ /skwɪd/

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nounsquid, squids

  • 1An elongated, fast-swimming cephalopod mollusk with ten arms (technically, eight arms and two long tentacles), typically able to change color.

    Order Teuthoidea and Vampyromorpha, class Cephalopoda, in particular the common genus Loligo. See also giant squid

    ‘Giant cephalopods such as squid and octopuses are also a great source of sea-monster folklore.’
    • ‘Like squids and octopuses, cuttlefishes have a funnel for jet propulsion, but unlike the other two, they also have an internal, oval-shaped bony chamber that fills with gas.’
    • ‘This evolutionary shift, too, has occurred many times - groups as diverse as squids, roundworms, and most vertebrates develop without the benefit of larvae.’
    • ‘Catsharks occur around the globe in warm temperate seas, and therefore are a consistent predator on populations of squid, crustaceans, cephalopods, and small fishes.’
    • ‘Soft-bodied squid replaced the hard-shelled ammonites as the leading molluscs.’
    • ‘The cuttlefish is a relative of the squid and octopus family (cephalopods).’
    • ‘The circulatory systems of other vertebrates, as well as those of squids and octopuses, employ similar rubbery materials.’
    • ‘The major group of mesozoans, the Dicyemida, live as microscopic parasites in the renal organs of squid and octopuses.’
    • ‘Despite inherent inefficiencies, jetting is the primary mode of locomotion for both primitive nautilus and powerful, migratory oceanic squids.’
    • ‘Like squids, belemnites possessed an ink sac and ten arms.’
    • ‘The mantle and funnel of squids are essential in generating and modulating thrust for jet locomotion.’
    • ‘The immature light organs of a young squid develop a field of ciliated cells, which help draw Vibrio in from ocean water, as well as a series of deep pockets, or crypts, in which these bacteria will live.’
    • ‘Scientists believe the squid live at depths of 660 to 2,300 feet during the day.’
    • ‘Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, which later became a Disney movie, featured an encounter between a colossal squid and a French naval vessel.’
    • ‘Each boat, manned by two or three fisherman, typically brings back a metric ton of squid every night.’
    • ‘The color-changing behavior is controlled by the squid's brain and provides visual signals, but the purpose of those signals is still unknown.’
    • ‘During his fifth trip to Papua New Guinea, Hall took this month's featured photograph of a female squid laying eggs on a submerged tree branch.’
    • ‘The squid weighs about 550 pounds and was found in two pieces on Seven Mile Beach.’
    • ‘In squids, octopuses and cuttlefish, the pigment layer is below the photoreceptors, in an area of dense blood vessels.’
    • ‘Looking at just squids and octopods, the researchers have recorded about 50 species and believe they have found two new species of squid.’
    1. 1.1The squid used as food.
      ‘fried squid in pumpkin sauce’
      • ‘Mezze choices include a tangy lemon and spinach squid and a raw beef with cracked wheat, but it's the strong drinks served in the open-plan bar that get you in the mood.’
      • ‘The first meal of the day will usually be a simple thick rice soup with accompaniments of chicken, dried squid, and pickled vegetables.’
      • ‘The Peking duck with plum sauce and pancakes was perfect and the deep fried squid with chilli and garlic simply divine.’
      • ‘Opt for the delicious grilled squid, marinated fennel and chilli salad.’
      • ‘Some of the more interesting include spinach pasta with smoke salmon, black pasta with squid and lemon sauce and herb pasta with lamb and pesto sauce.’
      • ‘I have a delicious crispy chilli squid, Laura has a scary-looking aubergine salad, and we share something called a vegetarian sushi.’
      • ‘For the squid tempura roll: Dredge each piece of squid in flour and pat off excess, then dredge in batter.’
      • ‘The menu includes dishes such as squid with asparagus and mint, baby goat with fresh Mediterranean herbs and his famous dessert of eggplant and chocolate.’
      • ‘Season the monkfish and squid with salt and pepper and cook for two minutes in the same pan.’
      • ‘I predict squid, bok choy and oyster sauce, followed by rhubarb and custard tart on the menus of Marchmont next year.’
      • ‘My fancy was caught by smoked ham hock and beetroot terrine with confit beetroot and dill and lime cream, followed by loin of veal with a fricassée of squid, white beans, parsley and garlic.’
      • ‘The toasted bread was topped with baby squid in olive oil and tomato sauce.’
      • ‘Our mystery dish was a mélange of fried octopus, squid and various vegetables, and was fresh and tender all around.’
      • ‘The chefs also cooked up crispy fish, stuffed bamboo fungus, stir-fried textured fish and a yummy-looking stir fried squid with vegetables.’
      • ‘The secret of cooking squid is simplicity, so in this dish it's just seasoned and coated with flour before being quickly fried.’
      • ‘Fino Sherry, and its more nimble sibling Manzanilla, famously accompanies many tapas, whether it's Serrano ham, grilled squid or patatas bravas.’
      • ‘Crackling crisp squid is surrounded by the unexpected zip of ginger, cashews, and papaya.’
      • ‘Huge crabs are merely dressed, squid is fried and served with mayonnaise, sole is grilled and glorious Whitstable oysters come as they are.’
      • ‘There were a good range of appetisers, everything from the usual won ton and spare ribs to deep fried squid and seaweed, as well as a selection of soups.’
      • ‘His squid appetizer is marinated overnight in red wine and herbs, its vinousness a nice change from the lemon juice or vinaigrette more commonly served with squid.’
    2. 1.2An artificial bait for fish imitating a squid in form.
      ‘Our only other small success is a fish we manage to coax into jumping on a daisy chain of plastic squids, but it misses the bait.’
      • ‘I could have trolled with the proper trolling rods, and this would have been a better option when it came to playing the fish, but on the days that we were successful, the fish seemed to prefer the flies to the plastic squid.’
      • ‘Some say it resembles a squid, others including me, believe it is the noise and movement in the water, but whatever the reason, they work and that's all we really need to know!’

intransitive verbsquids, squidding, squidded

[no object]
  • Fish using squid as bait.


Late 16th century of unknown origin.

Main definitions of SQUID in English

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Pronunciation /skwid/ /skwɪd/

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  • A device used in particular in sensitive magnetometers, which consists of a superconducting ring containing one or more Josephson junctions. A change by one flux quantum in the ring's magnetic flux linkage produces a sharp change in its impedance.


1960s acronym from superconducting quantum interference device.