Definition of squiffily in English:



British informal

See squiffy

  • ‘With the huge rink on view in the background, Lord Charles, from his vantage point of the bar, would squiffily contemplate his whisky glass and demand: "Is there any ice in this place?"’
  • ‘It's good to know that there will always, always, be at least one dancefloor where the rugby club will still be stomping their feet in an extended circle and student nurses will still be squiffily sashaying along to the strains of the Grease Megamix.’
  • ‘Throughout his political career, his favourite way of suggesting statesmanship has been to narrow his eyes and peer squiffily into the not-quite-middle distance.’
  • ‘You catch several of the more senior academics eyeing you in a squiffily lascivious manner, and you are not averse to a little fun.’
  • ‘Mr D and I once squiffily scratched out an apostrophe on a sign which said 'flat's'.’