Definition of squillionaire in English:



  • An extremely rich person.

    ‘the software squillionaire is worth some $18 billion’
    as modifier ‘a squillionaire property developer’
    • ‘Makes me wonder what sort of squillionaire lives in there.’
    • ‘Robbed I was, robbed of my rightful position in life of oil magnate and squillionaire at the tender age of five.’
    • ‘Follow these simple guidelines, and you, too, like me will be a world famous squillionaire webmaster.’
    • ‘Every day we read of the latest techno-twerp to become an Internet squillionaire.’
    • ‘In my own private squillionaire's fantasy world, I can have a walk-in fridge and an impromptu "Love lift us up where we belong" sing-along.’
    • ‘At this rate she will be a squillionaire before her 5th birthday!’
    • ‘I think they are the sort that cater to Japanese backpackers rather than squillionaire businesspeople.’
    • ‘Personally, I am dumbfounded by people who say they wouldn't know what to do if they were suddenly made squillionaires.’
    • ‘From software squillionaires to celebrity chefs, they're all at it - spending oodles of money on their homes, flashing the cash at a furious pace.’
    • ‘I assume someone has made money out of this caper because suddenly there are hordes of copycats - all of them self-proclaimed, self-made squillionaires, all chanting the same mantras and all promising the same dream: a way to become rich fast.’
    • ‘Well I remember the remark fondly, as it came from an era when you actually had writers about radio, beyond the celeb stuff on the cavortings of shock jocks or dealmaking of wireless squillionaires.’
    rich person, capitalist, tycoon, magnate, nabob, millionaire, billionaire, multimillionaire, nouveau riche, person of means


1970s from squillion, on the pattern of millionaire.