Definition of squirmer in English:



See squirm

  • ‘The flick has the substance and comedy to entertain an adult audience, and enough pizzazz and yahoo to keep even the youngest squirmer of the family in his seat.’
  • ‘Even if you use the safety belt, you should still keep one hand on your little squirmer at all times.’
  • ‘Buddy was such a squirmer, we put him in pull-ups earlier just because they were easier to get on him.’
  • ‘The squirmers offered little hope of excellence, with the girls trying to carefully follow his directions while the boys’ attention often seemed to be elsewhere.’
  • ‘In September when you meet them they are simply 25 or 30 little mysteries, some well-behaved, some frightened, some precocious, some of them more problematic, some of them unmanageable squirmers, some of them eternal ‘motor mouth,’ as Miss Resitetter said about Christina, but all of them still packages with unknown contents and still unknown possibilities.’