Definition of squirrel monkey in English:

squirrel monkey


  • A small South American monkey with a non-prehensile tail, typically moving through trees by leaping.

    Genus Saimiri, family Cebidae: five species, in particular S. sciureus

    • ‘The primate data comprised a portion of the mitochondrial DNA from a human, a chimpanzee, a gorilla, an orangutan, a gibbon, a macaque, a squirrel monkey, a tarsier, and a lemur and had previously been analyzed using MCMC methodology.’
    • ‘By comparing GHR sequences from the squirrel monkey, the rhesus monkey, the baboon, and the human with the nonprimate consensus sequence at 24 functionally important sites, we identified 10 amino acid changes in simians.’
    • ‘The phylogeny of the eight monkeys is relatively well established, except for the interrelationships of the owl monkey, squirrel monkey, and tamarin.’
    • ‘He quickly accomplished what many biologists dream of, discovering not one, but two new species: the black squirrel monkey and the Rio Maues marmoset.’
    • ‘Apparently squirrel monkey show little interest in self-administering THC, which contradicted NIDA's contention that marijuana is addictive.’
    • ‘Cabbage, a 16-year-old black capped squirrel monkey has lived at Adlington Pet Supplies, off Market Street, for the last 11 years.’
    • ‘We saw squirrel monkeys, capuchins, spider monkeys, peccaries, kinkajous, coatis, howler monkeys, tayras - a large mustelid that Martyn thought was a tree otter - pacas, night monkeys, giant anteaters and a tapir.’
    • ‘Researchers in the United States and Japan have previously shown that chimpanzees and possibly squirrel monkeys can comprehend zero when taught.’
    • ‘In recent trials, they tested New World squirrel monkeys and Old World pig-tailed macaques for their olfactory sensitivity to aliphatic alcohols.’
    • ‘Dandy the Reindeer had to be given regular cold showers while blocks of flavoured ice were being fed to lemurs and squirrel monkeys at Blackpool Zoo.’
    • ‘Two marmosets, two capuchins, two squirrel monkeys and the spider were confiscated from the home of Orlando Lopez on Tuesday, leaving him brokenhearted.’
    • ‘Chronic wasting disease proved to be transmissible experimentally to mule deer, mink, domestic ferrets, squirrel monkeys and goats, Hadlow said, although its source and natural mode of transmission have yet to be determined.’
    • ‘Chimps and some squirrel monkeys have apparently been able to grasp the idea of zero, but only after being taught it.’
    • ‘On the canopy above, there are Capuchin monkeys racing across the branches, and a troupe of squirrel monkeys, also feasting on ants.’
    • ‘Just to the south, the lush Pacific coastline is home to squirrel monkeys, iguanas, sloths and 400 species of birds.’
    • ‘Dr. Steven Goldberg and colleagues at NIDA's Intramural Research Program in Baltimore, Maryland, report in the current issue of Nature Neuroscience that squirrel monkeys will self-administer intravenous injections of THC.’
    • ‘Nida researchers were frustrated in their attempts to induce squirrel monkeys to self-administer THC, one of the psychoactive ingredients in marijuana.’
    • ‘To determine if these results were unique to squirrel monkeys, the researchers performed the experiments again, this time with baboons, and obtained similar findings of neuronal injury.’
    • ‘We trained squirrel monkeys to either raise or lower blood pressure using operant conditioning technology.’
    • ‘There are squirrel monkeys there, too, and some other shifty little creatures that I can't identify.’