Definition of squirt boat in English:

squirt boat


  • A small, highly manoeuvrable kayak.

    • ‘The ability to do mystery moves is what really differentiates squirt boats from plastic playboats.’
    • ‘Most of the time squirt boats are for advanced paddlers and are built specifically for their body.’
    • ‘Many of the older and more experienced guys I paddle with were into squirt boats in one form or another.’
    • ‘In the hands of an experienced paddler, the squirt boat twists, spins, and leaps with amazing agility.’
    • ‘The Hellbender is a hard-chined squirt boat designed for paddlers with a 28-32’ inseam.’
    • ‘There are new squirt converts all the time, people are always seeking used squirt boats to test the waters in.’
    • ‘I'd put a scuba tank in my squirt boat so I could stay down longer, but I barely have room for my legs!’
    • ‘Speaking of slalom boats, they're halfway between ordinary river-running craft and squirt boats.’
    • ‘The cross-section of a squirt boat is an upside-down wing that exerts downward forces instead of an upward lifting force.’
    • ‘Rod tells of 30-second mystery moves in squirt boats during big water tours, boats being sucked into whirlpools created by potholes and ledges 100 feet below the surface.’
    • ‘Someone with a longer squirt boat could tap in for a better mystery.’
    • ‘Fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar are generally reserved for racing, competition and squirt boats.’
    • ‘Cindy has been paddling for 20 + years in all kinds of boats including, whitewater kayaks, squirt boats, surf kayaks, sea kayaks and canoes.’
    • ‘Unless one is partial to squirt boats, it is difficult to design a sea kayak that won't have enough room for more gear than any well-heeled paddler should own.’
    • ‘Touring kayaks, tripping canoes, squirt boats, inflatables, and sit-on-tops are all just a few of the options out there.’
    • ‘Recall it having the same discomfort level as the couple of times that I have tried squeezing into squirt boats.’