Definition of squirt gun in English:

squirt gun


North American
  • A water pistol.

    • ‘If it's hot, the coach squirts them with a squirt gun to cool them off.’
    • ‘If you've got a squirt gun and they've got an AK - 47, it's best to come back another day.’
    • ‘Eventually I stopped and put the squirt gun away.’
    • ‘Put the bird feeder up higher, put a motion-activated sprinkler nearby, and blast the kitty with a squirt gun when you see it, and it should disappear.’
    • ‘These days many parents do discourage their children from such a fascination and may prohibit toy guns of any kind in their homes, even a squirt gun.’
    • ‘The rose bush is flowering although it's still having a little trouble with aphids, which I used for target practise with my squirt gun yesterday.’
    • ‘The spray of a squirt gun that Matt was proudly brandishing met me instead.’
    • ‘Imagine a laser-powered squirt gun shooting a stream smaller than the width of a human hair.’
    • ‘Opening my eyes, I saw Lance in the doorway laughing with a squirt gun in his hand.’
    • ‘He was playing with some type of squirt gun, pretending to blow a bunch of alien guts out.’
    • ‘‘I remember the days of the old plastic, 6-inch squirt gun,’ he says.’
    • ‘Because the kids will be housed in DannyMart day care, there will be no need for yo-yos, squirt guns and other toys to clutter the shelves.’
    • ‘We pulled the levers on rickety rides and stood in sloppily painted game booths handing out Ping-Pong balls, bean bags, and squirt guns.’
    • ‘There were huge grins and shrieks of delight as they ran through the sprinklers, chasing each other with squirt guns and water balloons.’
    • ‘On Holi, people throw colorful liquids at each other - from rooftops, or with squirt guns and balloons filled with colored water.’
    • ‘These water blasters are vastly more potent than the toy squirt guns of the same name.’
    • ‘My question is my mother-in-law keeps giving my son squirt guns and guns and I've asked her to stop.’
    • ‘I filled the children's miniature squirt guns with water, took a can of shaving cream, and drew targets all over the side of our cement garage.’
    • ‘Little kids are out in the front yards with squirt guns asking if anyone wants to get cooled down and are having a blast shooting people.’
    • ‘Do Nerf guns and squirt guns depict the act of shooting a friend as fun and harmless?’


squirt gun